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Butterfly Magick

The witch has no other friend like the butterfly. The butterfly is a powerful guide, familiar, and totem and has been for centuries. Call on the butterfly to aid in transformation, liberation, and creative inspiration. The witch and the butterfly have held a deep connection since the Middle Ages. Butterflies are the souls of the recently deceased and should always be treated with the highest respect. If you are a friend of the butterfly, she will be a friend to you. Learn some of the simplest and most potent butterfly magick here!

Butterfly Symbolism

Have you ever watched a butterfly alight on a flower? Notice the butterfly’s delicate nature. Once that butterfly was a chunky, hungry caterpillar, eating everything in sight. The butterfly undergoes an intense transformation and therefore represents radical change, renewal, and resurrection. Butterfly magick and symbolism also includes freedom, beauty, gentility, life cycles, hope, playfulness, and fertility. The butterfly is associated with the elements of air and earth. Spring and summer are the butterfly’s seasons. Keep in mind, butterfly magick can be combined with garden magick!

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Butterfly Wishes

Butterflies are messengers to the Otherworld. They carry our wishes and dreams to the heavens. The simplest form of butterfly magick is to make a wish on a butterfly. The next time you see a butterfly, whisper your dreams and goals to her.

“Before She Goes,
Flies Off into the Sky
Whisper Your Wishes
To the Butterfly”

Butterfly Shapeshifting

If you’d like to shapeshift into a butterfly, you must first get to know the butterfly on a deep level. This is the most powerful kind of butterfly magick.

Tips for Butterfly Shapeshifting:

  • Study the butterfly – how it moves, breeds, eats, sleeps, etc.
  • Build a butterfly garden (It can be as small as a few pots on a balcony)
  • Wear butterflies as accessories and clothing (to become the butterfly, wear the energies of the butterfly)
  • Roll on butterfly spirit totem oil
  • Invoke the butterfly spirit in ritual and spells
  • Represent the butterfly on altars

Once you’ve developed a strong bond with the butterfly, invoke the butterfly in meditation, dreams, and trance-work. Butterfly shapeshifting will occur naturally.

Butterfly Meditation

  1. When you need butterfly magick during a time of transformation, do this meditation.
  2. Find a quiet, relaxing space and sit in a relaxed position.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Breathe in deeply – inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. Repeat this breathing cycle at least six times.
  5. When you feel relaxed and your mind is clear, visualize a beautiful flower.
  6. On top of that flower is a chunky, hungry caterpillar. He’s eating and stuffing himself with the energy of the flower. Just as the caterpillar is eating the flower, you are consuming energy from this meditation.
  7. Next, watch as the caterpillar descends the flower, and rolls itself into a cocoon.
  8. The day turns to night and night to day. Watch as the caterpillar emerges, slowly stretching its wings.
  9. It is a new being, just as you are. Watch the butterfly flap its wings gently, preparing for its first flight in a new body.
  10. The butterfly takes off to the sky, leaving its shell behind. You are the butterfly. You have undergone a deep and powerful transformation.
  11. Come back to your body when you are ready. Ground yourself upon waking from meditation with a bit of bread.


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Her ghostly experiences have fueled her passion for seeking the supernatural and finding answers to some of life’s plaguing questions. She has assisted hundreds of people in eradicating unwanted spirits, as well as with pursuing alternative spiritual paths. Believing the paranormal and mystical realms are one-in-the-same, Canfield writes of both openly to encourage others.

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