Choosing a Magick Plant Ally

What is a Plant Ally?

Whether you are using crystals, plants, or any other ritual tool, crafting magick is easier when you have an ally. Plant Allies have been used for centuries to heal the mind, body, and spirit and in more recent years have become a way to connect to mother earth more intuitively. By connecting with the magick of plants we can connect with the world around us, heal our soul, and manifest our dreams.

Borage Plant Ally

Working with a Magick Plant Ally

In the Magick Plant Ally video series, we will develop an intuitive relationship with a plant ally from seed to harvest. We will use our plant ally in herbal remedies, rituals, spells, and other magickal workings. In the first video, I walk you through the steps of how to choose your plant ally, in addition to how to plant your seeds.

How to Choose a Magick Plant Ally - Video #1

I've chosen Borage as my personal plant ally for this growing season because Borage is great for enhancing psychic intuition, opening the third eye, and it's a helpful companion plant for the vegetable garden. In the magick plant ally video series, I will share with you how to grow, care, harvest, and use a plant ally in magick and witchcraft, step by step.



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