Crafting Magick Tip: Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums for House Blessings

Yellow Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, happiness, and comfort and are a great flower to plant at the front entrance of your house. When you're wanting to bless your home and those living within it, grow some mums!

Mums, mums, they are everywhere this time of year! In brilliant hues of orange, yellow, red, and purple, chrysanthemums embody the essence of Fall. 

Chrysanthemum Magick

Using different varieties of flowers in and around our home is just one way we can use plant energy to create change in our environment. 

The Front Entrance of Your Home

Setting our intentions to create change is like setting the scene for our magick to unfold. 

Let's take the front entrance of our home for example, as this is the first impression we give others. This is our chance to choose the types of energies we want others to feel when they enter our home.

To attract joy, abundance, and good health, plant some yellow chrysanthemums to anchor the front entrance of your home.

Take it a step further by adding some crystals to your pots and watch your plants thrive! Not only are you helping to create a healthy and high vibrational environment for your plants, but you're also using the energies of those crystals to carry into your home.

Citrine crystals are exceptional at giving lots of energy where needed, as they are directly connected to solar energy.

Citrine is also used to bring optimism where negativity lingers, to encourage healthy relationships, and to attract abundance, in all forms. __________________________________________________________________________


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Crafting Magick Tip: Chrysanthemums in Witchcraft, Magick


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  • Afura

    Thank you for being my reminder to stay connected to plants when I’m busy living in an apartment and working all the time! I miss gardening, and intend to start manifesting a home with my own garden. I’ll have to start by utilizing my patio for now! Blessings!

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