Crafting Magick Tip: Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia Flowers in Witchcraft

When it comes to practicing magick, there is more to a colorful Zinnia than meets the eye. Zinnias are used in the art of witchcraft to develop strength of character, to honor the ancestors, and for constancy in friendships.

Zinnias for Strength

Zinnia Flowers for Strength, Crafting Magick Tip

Stand tall and when challenges arise, remain steadfast and blossom.

You are reminded to share your truth, to stand in your convictions, and to be open to others, so that you may walk in a world of reciprocation and mutual understanding.

Through the many obstacles you may encounter in life, continue to push forward, and like the zinnia, bend when needed. Be flexible.

In some of the taller varieties of Zinnias, their long stems wind their way through other flowers, moving in the path of least resistance. They are easy going, resilient, and work their way through the crowd with ease and familiarity.

Like the Zinnia, endurance is key to survival, and even when challenges present themselves, you must keep going. The world needs your presence and the unique energy only you carry.

Zinnias for Friendship

Zinnia Flowers for Friendship, Crafting Magick Tip

Some of the best friendships are the ones that have stood the test of time. Zinnias are symbolic of stability in friendships. While nothing is constant in life, and friends come and go, zinnias are representative of friendships that can pick up where they were left off.

It's as if not much time has passed and the friendship remains whole, loyal, and true. This is the vibration of the zinnia. The zinnia encourages you to nurture those long lasting relationships and to appreciate their significance in your life.

Use the zinna flower to honor special friendships and to express affection towards those you are close with.

Zinnias for Remembrance

Zinnia Flowers for Remembrance, Crafting Magick Tip

You are not forgotten my beloved. The energy of the zinnia flower helps to keep our loved ones memories alive and within our hearts.

These colorful flowers are often found at grave sites, planted in the ground or displayed as a beautiful flower arrangement.

Zinnias are a symbol that your loved ones spirit lives on and within you. Add zinnia flowers to your altar to capture the essence of your ancestor's spirit. 


Zinnia Flowers in the Witches Garden

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In the witches garden you will find a few zinnias, mingling among the herbs, stretching their brightly colored flower heads towards the sunlight. With their long lasting blooms and a wide range of colors to choose from, it's no wonder garden witches love them so much.

My personal favorite attribute of these flowers is their ability to produce some of the longest lasting blooms, over and over again! Zinnias are some of the best cut flowers to use in flower arrangements to decorate the home.

Zinnia Flowers in The Witches Garden, Crafting Magick Tips

Zinnias are some of the easiest, low maintenance flowers to grow in the garden. They thrive exceptionally well in the heat of summer, withstanding strong winds, and have few pest problems under the right growing conditions. Their stems are thick and sturdy, and they don't require a ton of water.

If you're looking to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden, Zinnias are a perfect choice! Plant some of the flowers near a window and enjoy the blooms and the wildlife.

How do you use Zinnia Flowers in your magickal practice? 

Let me know in the comments below.



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  • Nix

    I felt drawn to buy Zinnias today… I put them in my courtyard. This post is lovely and showed me they were perfect for me! 🌸

  • Mary AKA Dina

    Awesome information – thank you! I work with my flowers a lot through color magic & the healing vibrations of color therapy on the Chakras. Right now I have some amazing Organic multi variety Zinnias finally blooming &, “showing their true colors” – I’m seeing pinks and yellow (higher heart 💖 chakra/thymus and of course yellow ☀️ solar plexus!) Thanks!

  • Lea

    I really liked your info about zinnias,ive collected my flowers before they die. Even when zinnia’s are dried they are still beautiful so I feel that the flowers that did grow are the ones that I need and I DO need Strength and more. Thank you again

  • Teri

    Thank you! All your articles are clear and concise ! Love all the new ideas so I can learn so much more ! Blessed Be

  • Green Thumb Wannabe

    I love zinnias, and hope my sister will give me some of hers.

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