Grounding Tea Recipe for After the Full Moon

Full Moon Grounding Tea Recipe

It’s not uncommon to feel drained after a full moon. With all of those intense energies building up, you may find yourself needing a spiritual hiatus. For most of us, we keep going, pushing ahead, and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. 

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Here is an herbal tea recipe that is sure to help you stay centered, grounded, and focused after an intense full moon.

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While preparing your tea, focus on your intent to ground and center yourself. Mix all of the ingredients in your mortar and pestle, grinding and crushing in a clockwise direction.

Once all of your herbs are mixed, add 1-2 tbsp of your herbal blend into a tea strainer. 

              Pour your hot water over your herbal blend and state your intention, "I infuse this tea with _____."

Steep for 10-15 minutes.

This tea is delicious and pleasing to the eyes when stirred with a cinnamon stick and garnished with a lemon slice. If you desire, add honey to sweeten.

After the Full Moon Tea Recipe, Crafting Magick Tips

Take a moment to call your energy back to you and breath deeply. Speak the following incantation:

"The dust has settled
The moon is bright 
Ground and center
Bring back my light"

With each sip, feel yourself grounded to mother earth, and enjoy your cup of herbal tea. 

What kind of tea do you drink after the full moon? 




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After the Full Moon Tea Recipe, Crafting Magick Tips



  • Marianne

    ♥️ Thank you for sharing this after effect tea recipe! Hibiscus tea goes really well with Citrus.

  • Bethany

    I personally love a cup of mugwort. It eases me to relax and centers me while I come back down to ground.

  • Jan

    Where would I find the teaspoon you show up above? I looked for my month in your oil blends but didn’t see it my month is March 3rd Pieces do you have? And I looked for the disc to burn on and didn’t see. please let me know about the above items. Thank you Jan

  • missey

    im interested in where you find every ingredient that’s need to be used in the reciepes where do you go to get yours do you have any special site you order your items from anything will help me out thanks

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