Powerful Home & Property Protection Spell

This is an old-school style hoodoo protection spell, suitable for house and property. This is a popular spell to protect a property from trespassers, people of ill intent, or police. It is also an effective way to “anchor” yourself to your property, to prevent eviction. The use of the iron spikes around the perimeter of the property, once anointed and enchanted, create a sort of artificial “ley line” which further adds to shield the property from hostile entities, negative energies and thought-forms. *Apartment renters will have to make one small substitution, described below. 

Iron Protection, Powerful Home & Protection Property Spell, The Witch's Guide

Home & Property Protection Spell 

Items You'll Need:

  • Iron Railroad Spikes ~ one for each corner of your property.  So, 4 for a square or rectangle shaped lot.  If your property is L-shaped, for example, you’d need 6. Old railroad spikes are ideal for this purpose, and can be found here. Be sure to get the old-style ones (which will have some surface rust, and slight bends) these are ones which were removed from old train tracks and replaced with the newer style rail spikes, which have a different steel composition. While the newer ones may work, the old-style ones have a high iron content, and they are inexpensive and readily available. Apartment renters will substitute old-style iron nails in lieu of iron spikes, likewise using one small iron nail in each corner of the apartment (not in each corner of every room)
  • Silver coins ~ one for each spike (4 for a square or rectangle lot). These coins do not have to be of high quality. Mercury dimes are perfect, and you may purchase the poorer quality circulated coins for usually just under a dollar a piece, even less if you buy them in bulk. Since silver coins are useful in many spells, and as spirit offerings, I recommend buying a good quantity of these. Again, these coins can be found at coin shops, or online.
  • A cup containing some of the urine ~ of every person on the lease or owning title to the property. Doesn’t have to be a lot, you’ll only need a few drops on each stake. 
  • Fiery Wall of Protection Oil ~ Recipe as Follows ~ To a base of almond or olive oil, add: frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, rue, angelica, cinnamon, consecrated salt, ginger, a bay leaf, avens, chili pepper, black pepper.  Once the oil is prepared, you can enchant or activate it using the prayer to St. Michael, followed by the 23rd psalm, (which is the traditional method) or using any protection spell you prefer. 
      This is the St. Michael Prayer:

        St. Michael the Archangel, 
        defend us in battle. 
        Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. 
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, 
        and do thou, 
        O Prince of the heavenly hosts, 
        by the power of God, 
        thrust into hell Satan, 
        and all the evil spirits, 
        who prowl about the world 
        seeking the ruin of souls. Amen


        Anoint the iron spikes (or nails) top and bottom, and all sides, with the Fiery Wall of Protection oil, and then enchant them with your preferred protection spell. I like to use St. Patrick’s Breastplate, which is a very old prayer, with pagan roots.

        St. Patrick's Breastplate Prayer

        I arise today 
        Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
        Through belief in the Three-ness,
        Through confession of the Oneness
        of the Creator of creation.

        I arise today, through
        The strength of heaven,
        The light of the sun,
        The radiance of the moon,
        The splendor of fire,
        The speed of lightning,
        The swiftness of wind,
        The depth of the sea,
        The stability of the earth,
        The firmness of rock.

        I arise today, through
        God's strength to pilot me,
        God's might to uphold me,
        God's wisdom to guide me,
        God's eye to look before me,
        God's ear to hear me,
        God's word to speak for me,
        God's hand to guard me,
        God's shield to protect me,
        God's host to save me
        From snares of devils,
        From temptation of vices,
        From everyone who shall wish me ill,
        afar and near.

        I summon today
        All these powers between me and those evils,
        Against every cruel and merciless power
        that may oppose my body and soul,
        Against incantations of false prophets,

        Against false laws of heretics,
        Against craft of idolatry,
        Against spells of witches and smiths and wizards,
        Against every knowledge that corrupts man's body and soul;
        Christ to shield me today
        Against poison, against burning,
        Against drowning, against wounding,
        So that there may come to me an abundance of reward.

        I arise today
        Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
        Through belief in the Three-ness,
        Through confession of the Oneness
        of the Creator of creation.

        Once your spikes are anointed and enchanted and blessed, you must take them, a hammer, your silver coins, and the cup of urine out to your yard. You are going to hammer one spike into each corner of your property. When the spike is about 1/3rd in, insert the silver coin into the hole, alongside the shaft of the spike. This is your payment offering to the spirits of the earth that you are asking to guard your property. Finish hammering in the spike so that the top sits flush with, or just below, the surface of the soil. 

        Iron Railroad Spikes, Powerful Home & Property Protection Spell, The Witch's Guide

        Now pour a little of the urine on top. This marks the land as yours, just as an animal marks the borders of their territory in this way. While this marking of the land is being done on the physical level, remember that it is also happening on the spiritual plane, and this fence you are erecting acts as a barrier against most unfriendly trespassers. 

        Continue placing the stakes out in this way, one in every corner. If you are in an apartment, remember you are using small iron nails in the corners instead, and placing the silver coins on top of the nails, but everything else remains the same.  You have now created an artificial ley line, a psychic fence protecting your property and home. 

        In fact, if you are gifted with the sight, you may even be able to perceive the energy channel. This should serve to repel most sorts of people and entities that would attempt to enter with bad intent. While further home protection spells and enchantments can be added if needed, this is an excellent outer defense barrier, and in nearly all cases should be more than sufficient by itself.

        How do you like to protect your home and property? Share in the comments!

        Written By: Donna Mitchell


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        Powerful Home & Property Protection Spell, The Witch's Guide


        • Jennifer Shaw

          This article came at the perfect time. My daughter moved into a new home 3 months ago. There is a bad energy. Photos are being turned over, her and her sweet roommate are fighting constantly, it just feels, dark.
          We’ve smudged, done floor washes, but it only seems to help temporarily.
          Thank you so much for this! ! I’ll let you know how it goes.

        • Tess

          I have done this along with a witch’s jar. One thing to remember is to pull up the stakes if you move and to offer a final ‘thank you’

        • Carrie Taylor

          Thank you I love this, I’m trying to find everything I need for this now I hope it works for me I just need more time & to fined a better home , I appreciate you . Bless it Be 🌘⭐️🌙♌️

        • Carrie Taylor

          Thank you I love this, I’m trying to find everything I need for this now I hope it works for me I just need more time & to fined a better home , I appreciate you . Bless it Be 🌘⭐️🌙♌️

        • maria Horsley

          Very interesting

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