How to Make Crystal Water for Plants

What is Crystal Water?

Crystal water is water infused with the healing and magickal properties of crystals. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their vibrational energies of positivity and healing.

Whether you are wearing your crystals in jewelry pieces or drinking infused crystal water, you are tapping into the high vibes that crystals offer. Not only can humans benefit from crystal water, but so can our plants!

In recent years, we have discovered that plants respond positively to high vibrational energy, just look at the science behind playing music for plant growth.

Anytime you can lift the spirits of your plants, you are encouraging them to grow healthy and strong.

How to Make Crystal Water for Plants, Crafting Magick Tip

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Using Crystal Water

Using crystal water for optimal health has become a way of life for many within the spiritual community. You can now find water bottles with crystals and gemstones built right inside them!

Using crystal water for ourselves and our plants is a way for us to develop a more intuitive relationship with them. When we align and program our crystals for specific intentions, we can then offer aid to plants that may need healing.

Crystal water can also be used in ritual and spell workings to cleanse the body prior to meditation, to cleanse and charge ritual tools, and to create herbal sprays.

How to Make Crystal Water for Plants - Video #2

Crystal Water is perfect for helping your plants grow strong and healthy.

In the second video of our Magick Plant Ally Series, I share with you how to make crystal water infused by full moon energies.

Full moon energies are perfect for charging up some crystal water and infusing magick into your garden.




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  • Anne

    Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.
    I stumbled on to one of your videos on YouTube and have been watching you ever since.
    Love it.

  • Anne

    Happy Holidays ro you and your beautiful family.
    I stumbled on to one of your videos on YouTube and have been watching you ever since.
    Love it.

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