10 Ways to Practice Green Witchcraft While in Quarantine

Green witchcraft doesn't always have to be experienced outdoors, in a forest, but can be enjoyed from the comfort of our homes. There are plenty of ways to practice green witchcraft indoors!

It goes without saying that our world is changing rapidly, with a vast amount of uncertainty in the air. While many of us are in isolation, we may find ourselves being consumed with fear and worry. Now is the time to lean on our spiritual practices, to get out in our gardens, to nurture those houseplants, and to grow our futures!

Now is the time to connect with nature, more than ever!

If you're not able to get outside in your garden, this article is especially for you. There are many ways we can get creative and practice green witchcraft from inside the home. Here are 10 ways to get you started. 

1. Make a Houseplant Journal

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Keep a journal of all your houseplants and windowsill herbs. Your journal is a place to write about your experiences with each plant and a place to display photos, even dried pieces of the plant if you'd like. On each page, include the scientific name of your plant, a photo, and magickal uses/folklore. I love to take pictures of my houseplants when I first purchase them, so I can look back to see how they've grown over the years. Sometimes I will even include the plant tag that comes with each plant when I purchase it. It's a great way to have a visual reference. In your journal you can also include a water and fertilizer schedule, so you don't overwater or over fertilize your plants. As your plant collection grows, you will find this to be very helpful! The most important part in creating your plant journal, is that you make it work for you. Get creative, write about your plant's personality, and enjoy creating memories you can look back on.

2. Create a Digital Green Witch Vision Board 

Use the technology we have at our fingertips to create a digital green witch vision board. Think about all those goals and dreams you have as a green witch. Perhaps you're wanting to create a beautiful outdoor patio garden or maybe one of those live succulent plant walls. Or maybe you dream of a witchy apothecary cabinet stocked full of magickal herbs? Ask yourself...what do you want to manifest in the coming year as a green witch? No need to worry about tape or glue or cutting out photos in magazines and you don't have to run to the store for supplies. While in quarantine, go digital. Here is a great app to get you started (recommended by one of my Green Witch Living students): Subliminal Vision Boards. Use the hashtag #greenwitchliving and share yours on Instagram. We would love to see it!

3. Organize Your Witchy Cabinet

Your herbal apothecary may just need some attention and while in quarantine it's the perfect time to organize your witchy cabinet. Sort through herbs that may be old, stale, or out of date. Create a list to place inside your cabinet, in alphabetical order, of all the items you have and list a few of the magickal/medicinal properties for easy reference. This comes in handy when it’s time to gather supplies for a spell. If you don't have a witchy cabinet, get to planning. We offer a large selection of herbs in the shop. What would you want to have in your witches herbal apothecary

4. Create Eco-Friendly Spell Bags for Health and Protection

Eco-Friendly Spell Bags for Health and Protection, The Witch's Guide, Green Witchcraft

We could all use some extra protection and optimal blessings for health. Get started by creating eco-friendly spell bags to hang at the entrances to doors and windows of your home. If you don't have a draw string bag, no worries. Grab yourself an old shirt and cut out a square about 4 inches by 4 inches. Lay all of your ingredients such as herbs, crystals, charms, and any personal items in the center of the fabric.

Gather the edges of the cloth up and tie with a string or ribbon. You can bless your bag by passing it through the smoke of your favorite garden herbs or use a protective smudge bundle. Every day we are encouraged more and more to use what we have and to practice sustainable living, green witch style!

Here are a few herbs great to attract good health and protection within the home: rosemary, yarrow, angelica root, and linden flowers.

5. Write a Letter to the Earth

What do you want to see in our world, how do you want to feel, what are you hopeful for? Visualize this in detail and write it in a letter, as if it’s already happened. Dear Mother Earth, I woke up this morning to a city with less smog...I could breath so much easier. In the local park where I live, it’s clean with less trash on the ground and people are happier. People are walking around community gardens, sharing conversations with each other, and it's peaceful.

6. Make a List of Plants to Grow

What would you like to grow in your witchy garden for medicinals and magick? Think about using plants that are native to your area. What can you help to bring back into the environment that will nurture your land? Get back to the roots of your land. Write notes about how you will use this plant in your spiritual practice and magickal workings. There is always something new to grow.

7. Create an Earth Altar

Create an altar or small space in your home with pictures of how you want life to be on this planet. Add a candle or two and light these each day as a blessing. Leave small offerings to the earth to express your gratitude for the blessings you have in your life. Offerings do not have to be a physical item. These offerings can also be a form of energy that is created at the altar and fed periodically, with additional focus and thought projection.

8. Plan for Sustainable Living

Think about all of the products you buy for your home and for your life. How can you eliminate, substitute, or replace these items with more sustainable products. Can you make them yourself? How can you be more earth friendly? Can you substitute for a healthier alternative? Creating small changes in your life is more manageable versus trying to change everything.

Start simple by bringing your cloth bags to the grocery store to eliminate the need for a plastic bag. Re-use jelly jars to store your herbs, grow your own food (lettuce is super easy). When watering your plants, save your veggie scraps and make a plant tea. Once cooled, use this nutrient filled tea to water your plants. They will love it! There are so many ways to be eco-friendly and thanks to technology, ideas are everywhere!

Here at The Witch's Guide we are showing more and more love and support to the earth, by planting a tree for every product you purchase in the shop! #greenwitchliving.

9. Drink Herbal Tea and Relax.

Herbal Tea, Green Witchcraft in Quarantine, The Witch's Guide

Yep, it's that simple. Quiet time with a cup of herbal tea. I like to think of this time in quarantine as “time out”...because I do feel this is a way of Mother Earth scolding us for being irresponsible, for being selfish. It's a time for us to reflect on how we have been living on this planet. It's a way for us to become a more conscious spirit, living on this beautiful planet.

When time out is over, I believe many of us will have made some radical changes. The earth is also communicating to us and sharing with us to go within, to practice more self care, and to reflect on what we truly want our world to be. How can we help her heal? What will be our role? Visualize with every sip of your herbal tea the world you desire to have.

10. Join a Witchy Community

Join our community of witchy spirits in our private facebook group, The Witch's Guide! Here we share a wide range of topics within witchcraft, magick, and spirituality. Each week, between myself and the other moderators/admins, there are multiple topics for growing your knowledge and sharing ideas.

We talk about everything from spells, green witchcraft, herbs, books, rituals, moon magick, beginner witchcraft, dreams, astral travel, sabbats, gods/goddesses, astrology, shadow work, tarot, and more. We have people from all different backgrounds and interests, and there is something for everyone. See you on the inside.

Share with us in the comments how you plan to practice green witchcraft, while in quarantine.

Written By: Feather, Owner of The Witch's Guide. 


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10 Ways to Practice Green Witchcraft While in Quarantine

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