Shampoo Ginger Plant: How to Make Natural Shampoo

DIY Natural Shampoo with the Shampoo Ginger Plant

The best part about the Shampoo Ginger plant is it can be used to make natural shampoo and body wash.

I recently discovered several Shampoo Ginger ( Zingiber zerumbet) plants, also known as Pinecone Ginger, in my yard and I've been jumping for joyever since!

This plant is so much fun to work with, not to mention, the aroma of the cone is amazing!

Shampoo Ginger Plant: How to Make Natural Shampoo

 This perennial plant spreads by rhizomes and is pretty generous in producing colorful red pinecones. 

Once I discovered this tidbit of information, I couldn't wait to experiment with some recipes for my hair.

There is magick to be found in every single plant! I've made 4 batches so far and my dreadlocks are super happy!

It's quite simple to make!




Here are two essential oils I've used so far with this recipe:

1. Lavender Essential Oil- helps with dry, itchy, flaky, dandruff type scalp.
2. Rosemary Essential Oil - promotes and nourishes hair growth, maintains natural hair oils.



Shampoo Ginger Plant: How to Make Natural Shampoo

 First, prepare your herbal infusion by placing 1 part rose petals, 1 part calendula flowers, 1-2 tbsp of grapefruit powder in a sauce pan with 3/4-1 cup water.

On low heat, allow the mixture to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Strain and place in a clean jar. Allow to cool. 

Then, add 1 tbsp of Shampoo Ginger or Pure Castile Soap, along with 5-7 drops of your chosen Essential Oil and stir gently. 

Suggestion: You can use this shampoo multiple times, by adding small amounts (1/4 of the bottle) to a squirt or spray bottle and diluting it with water.

I usually get about 5-7 applications from each jar. OR Use as a one time application.

Just see what works best for you! You can also use this mixture in the bath, as a natural body wash.

Here's a DIY Tutorial, from the garden to the kitchen, how to make this shampoo.




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  • Tia

    I believe the most harmful things absorbed in the skin in the shower are store bought shampoos, conditioners & body wash. If you are medications that require you to refrain from grapefruit, just skip the grapefruit. As for medical conditions, please research your condition + activated charcoal. You may be able to cure yourself, as Dr’s will NOT do for you. Best of wishes <3

  • Angela

    I was recently gifted this beauty and cannot wait to use it. Thanks for the recipe!!

  • Jessica Ashe-Ferguson

    I was just curious…I would Love to try this,but I know I am unable to ingest grapefuit due to medications I am on for pain due to stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Would it be harmful to use in the shampoo where-as it is being absorb into the skin? Thank you for any and all information! I also want to wish you a BIG congratulations on your new bundle of light!! Have lots of wonderful adventures with your new little Juniper Drop!! ⭐?

  • admin

    I just make my own from the grapefruits I eat. Just save the peels, allow them to dry, and grind them up! I will be reopening my Etsy shop on Feb 1st and will have some available if you are interested. Many Blessings!

  • Angela

    Love watching this and I want to follow the recipe and make it because I do have the shampoo ginger plant. However when I go to order the grape fruit powder there are so many kinds, I’m not sure of the correct one to purchase or where the best place to purchase would be. Please help.

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