A Spell to Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life

Spell Casting | Simple Pleasures in Life

Items You Will Need

~ yellow or white candle
~ fresh berry fruit plate


Begin by focusing on your intention. Do you wish to have more free time, more time for play, or more time to enjoy the simple pleasures?

Sit in your sacred space. Carve your intention into your candle if you wish, you could write for example, FREE TIME. Light your candle and focus on the flame.

Candle Spell

As you watch the flame flicker in the dark, hold your carnelian crystal in both hands and feel the raw feminine energy and creative vibes flowing into you. You may feel a warm sensation or even tingles in your hand.

As the energy flows through you, think of a simple pleasure in life you enjoy. Visualize yourself experiencing it. Perhaps you enjoy taking a long hot bath by yourself, drinking a cocktail with a friend, or reading a good book in the garden.

The Witches Library

As you visualize this experience, enjoy a delicious berry. Berries are sweet, simple, healthy little treats we can indulge in. They are also crafted so beautifully and creatively by mother nature herself.

Kitchen Magick

Each time you take a bite, remind yourself of the importance in enjoying the simple pleasures in life and say...

Candle flame flicker so bright
Bring sweet moments to me this night
Simple pleasures here to stay
Make more of these come my way. 

Give yourself time in sacred space to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating your delicious berries, watching the candle flame dance, and visualizing what you want to manifest. Carry your carnelian crystal with you to encourage the flow of these simple pleasures into your life.



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Simple Pleasures in Life Spell, Incantation




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