Spell Candles: What to Expect

What is a spell candle?

A spell candle is crafted under specific planetary influences, for the purpose of manifesting a desired intention. Spell candles are made with herbs, roots, flowers, spices, woods, and oils that correspond with the desired intention. Energy, prayer, and incantations are used by the practitioner to infuse specific intentions into each candle for the desired outcome to be effective. 

Spell Candles by The Witchy Mommy

 How do I use a spell candle?

Start by lighting the bottom of the spell candle to allow the wax to soften, then stick the candle to the center of a large cookie sheet or a plate. This will help your candle to stand straight up without a candle holder. It's also helpful to line your cookie sheet with tin foil to keep your wax contained and to help make the clean up process easier. 

Once you are ready to begin, set your intention. What are you wanting to accomplish? Are you using a prosperity spell candle or perhaps a love candle? Set a goal clearly in your mind and visualize what you are wanting to accomplish. Really see yourself in this state of mind. For example, if you are needing to buy a car and are short on cash, visualize yourself being able to pay for the car, signing the documents, holding the keys in your hands, sitting in the driver's seat, driving your new car. The more details you can visualize, the stronger your intention will be and the easier it will be to manifest. You may also want to write down your intention or write your own incantation, a chant, or song you can use while your candle is burning.

Spell Candles by The Witchy Mommy

When you are ready to begin, light your candle and as your candle is burning, use this time to connect with spirit or deity if you desire, read your intention, chant your incantation, or sing your song. The more time and thought you place into the process, the more successful you will be. Allow yourself to get lost in the flame, creating a mental image or story of your success. 

Spell Candles by The Witchy Mommy

When your candle has finished burning and is completely out, do a wax reading for yourself. Take a look at the patterns and shapes that have formed in the wax on your cookie sheet or plate. What do you see? Use this information based on your specific intention and desires to give you a better understanding of how you can accomplish your goals. Is there anything holding you back? Do you need to redirect your focus? Does the energy feel right? 

Spell Candles by The Witchy Mommy

Reflect on your work and if you like to journal, log some of your feelings. When you are finished, clean up your workspace, save the leftover wax if you would like to reuse it, or bury in the earth. 

The most important part after your spell is finished, is to allow the process to unfold. Do not fret or worry about whether or not your spell will be successful. Trust in yourself and in spirit. Distraction and staying busy with other tasks is a great way to allow your spell to do it's job. Check back in one moon cycle and see where you are in manifesting your desires. Sometimes it can take up to 3 moon cycles and there may be times when you need to continue to do spell work for your specific intention.

Candle Safety Tips

Spell Candles by The Witchy Mommy

---> Never leave a spell candle unattended! Spell candles are highly combustible and unpredictable, as they are coated with herbs and oils and spelled with lots of energy!

---> Never blow out your flame, instead use a candle snuffer or a glass to put out your candle.

---> Stay away from upholstery of any kind, curtains, altar cloths, or anything else that could catch fire. 

---> Keep away from children and small pets.

---> Burn your candle in an area that is well ventilated, without drafts.

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