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Written by Sarah Esmae Wolfe

5 Crystals Every Green Witch Should Have

In our modern lives, it is difficult to live in harmony with nature, especially if you live in the city or work a nine-to-five in a cubicle. We use electricity instead of living by the natural cycles of the sun and the moon, and we eat food that would otherwise not be growing in our current season. Don’t get me wrong, these are great modern advancements! But in turn, we need to work harder if we want to connect with Mother Earth. Keeping plants, of course, is a great way to be in touch with nature, and another great option is crystals. Connecting to Mother Earth and honoring and respecting her is an important part of a Green Witch’s journey....

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Written by Feather GardenBelle

Raising Your Vibration with Green Witchcraft

Have you ever thought of how you can raise your vibration with the practice of witchcraft, specifically green witchcraft? Aligning with the vibrations of the earth can help you feel more inspired and connected to your spiritual journey. When you live in harmony with nature, as intended, you experience more peace and joy in your life. You're also able to manifest your reality from a place of connection and fulfillment. Life is simply more green and energy radiates more openly from your heart chakra. Life becomes more meaningful.  How Does Nature Affect Your Vibration? There is a reason you begin to feel uplifted when you're out in nature, surrounded by the trees, feeling the breeze against your face, digging your...

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