Tumbled Citrine Crystal for Prosperity, Success, The Witch's Guide

CITRINE Crystal, Tumbled | Success, Prosperity

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Citrine, also referred to as the Success Stone or Merchant's Stone, is a quartz crystal used in magick for vitality, abundance, and prosperity.

USES: Crystals can be carried as pocket stones, used to decorate the altar for rituals, used to create crystal grids, or placed in spell bags. These are just a few ways to use crystals in your spiritual practice.

CHOOSE: (1) Citrine Tumbled Crystal OR a Set of (4).

FEATURES: Your crystal will arrive to you beautifully packaged in a organza bag and will feature a crystal guide card, listing the metaphysical properties and magickal uses.

SIZE: Measuring approx. 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches. 


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