Tumbled Garnet Crystal for Survival, Passion, Power, Sexual Energy, The Witch's Guide

Tumbled GARNET Crystal | Survival, Passion

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Garnet, a stone of passion and energy, stimulates our need to survive and thrive! Garnet is helpful for balancing sexual energy and removing inhibitions. With deep fire red inclusions, these Garnet crystals are used to amplify the energies of other crystals nearby. 

USES: Carry as a pocket stone, arrange in a crystal grid, lay on the body for healing, hold during meditation, add to spell bags, place in potted plants, decorate the altar, wear as jewelry, and many more. 

CHOOSE: (1) Tumbled Garnet OR a Set of (4) Tumbled Garnet Crystals.

FEATURES: Each stone is beautifully packaged in a organza bag, featuring a crystal guide card, listing the properties and uses.

SIZE: Measures approx. 0.25 inches to 0.5 inches.

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