HOWLITE Crystal, Tumbled | Memory, Knowledge

HOWLITE Crystal, Tumbled | Memory, Knowledge

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Howlite is a stone of self-awareness, encouraging you to seek knowledge. A crystal companion for study and exploration, Howlite teaches you to calm your state of mind, so that you can access knowledge from previous lives and higher consciousness.   

Associated with the crown chakra, Howlite brings the chakras into balance, helping you achieve a relaxed state, calming anxiety and reducing stress. Howlite also helps to strengthen the memory and put out fiery emotions such as anger and impatience.

Howlite slows down an overactive mind and can be helpful for insomnia when caused by racing thoughts. It helps you think and express your thoughts more clearly. Because of this, it is a great companion for students, promoting focus and exploration of new ideas.

USES: Carry as a pocket stone, arrange in a crystal grid, lay on the body for healing, hold during meditation, add to spell bags, place in potted plants, decorate the altar, wear as jewelry, and many more. 

CHOOSE: (1) Tumbled Howlite OR a Set of (4) Tumbled Howlite Crystals.

FEATURES: Each stone is beautifully packaged in an organza bag, featuring a crystal guide card, listing the properties and uses.

SIZE: Measures approximately 1 inch.

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