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BUTTERFLY Spirit Oil | Transformation, Mindfulness

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Butterfly Spirit Oil is a channeled herbal oil blend created for connecting and invoking the spirit of the butterfly. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and teaches us to be light-hearted and to enjoy the delicacy and beauty of life. 

Looking to live more in the present moment? When focus is placed on the chrysalis stage, the butterfly spirit can help us to still the mind and stay in the present. Mindfulness is something the butterfly spirit can teach you.

 The butterfly spirit can also help us to trust our natural instincts, to ease through change with grace, and to move where spirit guides us. 

INGREDIENTS: Each Butterfly Spirit Oil is handcrafted in sacred space and captures the essence of this beautiful insect. The aromas are light and flowery and are blended with all natural, aromatic essential oils and herbs of gardenia, geranium, lilac, and a few others from the garden. Each spirit oil is crafted with apricot oil as the carrier, a sweet nourishing oil for the skin. 

USES: Anoint your pulse points or sacred tools for ritual and meditation, dress candles for spell workings, diffuse or burn, or wear as a perfume. 

RECEIVE: Butterfly Spirit Oil, featured in a 1/3 ounce glass bottle with a roll on applicator, labeled with the ingredients.

All Spirit Oils are hand blended with natural ingredients straight from mother earth and are safe for the skin. *** Always test a small area of your skin prior to using any oil.***

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