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LEO Zodiac Oil | Sun Sign July 23 - Aug 23

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Leo Zodiac Oil has been created for connecting with the energies of the Leo, a powerful and expressive sun sign.

Born July 23 - Aug 23 - "Here Me Roar" pronounces the Leo, masculine, fire element, fixed sign, ruling sun planet.

This oil blend is handcrafted heliotrope, carnation, sunflower, copal resin, rosemary, and charged under the full moon with orange calcite crystals (featured inside the bottle).

Zodiac Oils can be worn as a perfume, used to anoint yourself or sacred tools prior to meditation or ritual, used in a diffuser, and to dress candles.

Leo Zodiac Oil, featured in a 1/3 ounce glass bottle with a roll on applicator, labeled with the ingredients. Each bottle contains herb and crystal within.

***All of my oils are safe for the skin and are created with natural ingredients straight from mother earth. Always test a small area of your skin prior to using any oil.***

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy