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SPANISH MOSS Herbal Alchemy Oil | Nostalgia, Protection

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Spanish Moss Herbal Alchemy Oil is a handcrafted blend created to help you align with the energies of the past and to invoke feelings of nostalgia.

Whether you're wanting to peer into the past for emotional wellbeing, clarity, or to align with your ancestors, this Spanish Moss oil is great to use in rituals to encourage pleasant memories. This Spanish Moss oil will also help to keep you protected during your workings.

Spanish Moss gives off an ancient, mysterious energy and has a way of evoking feelings of nostalgia. Swaying back and forth from old tree branches, reminding us of what once was.

Spanish Moss Oil can be used to dress candles, to feed mojo bags, or to anoint the body or tools during ritual.

This oil blend is handcrafted under a full moon with a few secret herbs, essential oils, and natural Spanish Moss, harvested from a southern graveyard, respectfully.

RECEIVE: Spanish Moss Herbal Alchemy Oil - Each bottle contains Spanish Moss from a southern graveyard, in addition to a few secret roots and essential oils, featured in a 0.5 ounce glass bottle with cap, label, adorned with a silver feather and green cording.

***All of my oils are safe for the skin and are created with natural ingredients straight from mother earth. Always test a small area of your skin prior to using any oil.***