Fortune Spell Candle, Money Spell Candle, The Witch's Guide
Fortune Spell Candle, Prosperity Spell Candle, The Witch's Guide

FORTUNE | Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles | Prosperity

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FORTUNE is a handcrafted herbal alchemy spell candle, created and inspired by the Roman goddess Fortuna. She reminds us to steer our own wheel of fate, to take chances and to not overlook possibilities and opportunities that may come our way. Use Fortune to adorn your prosperity altar and to honor the abundance in your life.

INGREDIENTS, SCENT: Each candle is a light green color, a scent of fresh garden mint, and double loaded with chamomile, sassafras, a few other secret ingredients. The $ symbol is hand carved into each candle and misted with a shimmery gold glitter. Fortune candles are cleansed and charged under lunar rays.


---> Set of 4 FORTUNE Soy Tealight Candles


---> 1 FORTUNE Soy Votive Candle.

✭ All candles are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable boxes.

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