Prosperity Showers Spray

PROSPERITY SHOWERS Spray | Money, Abundance

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Wouldn't it be nice if abundant blessings and prosperity showered down on you like rain? Prosperity Showers Herbal Alchemy Spray was created to assist you in bringing those prosperous energies into your life, like a rain shower.

Prosperity Showers is a handcrafted herbal alchemy spray blend using the best money drawing herbs, like alfalfa leaf, cinnamon bark, patchouli root, basil and a couple secret essential oils, with a primary scent of cinnamon. I would describe the aroma like the smell of money, but sweeter and richer! Prosperity Showers is charged with citrine crystal, featured inside the bottle, and is blessed on my personal prosperity altar. This is a must have spray for the witches cabinet and a personal favorite of mine.

Herbal alchemy sprays can be used to mist yourself or sacred space during ritual, ceremony, meditation, prayer, or spell work. All sprays are blended with natural ingredients straight from mother earth and are crafted with high vibrational energy and intention.

Prosperity Showers, featured in a 2 oz amber glass atomizer bottle, labeled, adorned with green ribbon, and a silver feather to help carry your intentions.

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy