Organic Sage Tincture, Healing, Protection

Organic Sage Herbal Tincture | Healing, Protection

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Sage has been used since ancient times to purify a space, to remove negativity, and to offer protective energies. Sage, meaning to heal, removes unwanted spirits and influences that may be present in one's environment. 

As an herbal medicine, Sage Herbal Tincture can be drunk in a tea for mouth and throat problems, such as mouth ulcers and sore throat, and to reduce the symptoms associated with menopause. Sage is also a helpful aid for weaning and reducing the milk supply of nursing mothers.

There is a reason why the sacred Sage literally means to heal, as this amazing herb has so many spiritual and medicinal uses.

RECEIVE: Sage Herbal Tincture in a 1 oz dropper bottle, made with 100 proof vodka. Organically grown.

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