Copal Resin Incense

COPAL Resin Incense | Psychic Intuition, Visions

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Copal Incense Resin is burned prior to meditation and ritual to open the third eye and enhance psychic intuition. The aroma is sweet and mild.

These copal tears are featured in a 1 oz glass vial with cork, adorned with our signature silver feather to carry your intentions, and rattan cording. Each bottle is labeled with the name of the resin and uses.

HOW TO USE: Place a small amount onto a charcoal disc and allow to burn. The smoke will rise into the air, leaving the atmosphere with a pleasant aroma. You can also create your own incense sticks and cones with this powder, add to the top of your ritual candles, craft herbal oils and blends, and so much more.

RECEIVE: Copal Incense Resin, 1 ounce glass vial with cork.

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy