Mystic Visionary Herbal Spell Blend

MYSTIC VISIONARY Herbal Spell Blend | Psychic Intuition

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Mystic Visionary Herbal Spell Blend, part of the Inner Goddess Collection, is a handcrafted blend created to bring forth visions, psychic dreams, and to aid with spirit communication. Open your third eye and tap into the Mystic Visionary that lies within you.

INGREDIENTS: Blended with hops flowers, wormwood, fennel seed, red sandalwood, copal resin and a few other secret ingredients. Each herbal spell blend is handcrafted in sacred space and charged with amethyst crystal under full moon energies.

USES: Burn as a loose incense, add to ritual baths or floor washes, use to dress spell candles, use as altar offerings, stuff poppets or sachets, add to a mojo or spell bag, or use as casting herbs and throw into a cauldron fire.

RECEIVE: Mystic Visionary Herbal Spell Blend featured in a labeled 2 oz glass jar with lid, includes a descriptive how to card. 

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