Sultry Temptress Herbal Spell Blend

SULTRY TEMPTRESS Herbal Spell Blend | Desire, Passion

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Sultry Temptress Herbal Spell Blend, part of the Inner Goddess Collection, is a handcrafted blend created to ignite passion, excitement, attraction, and temptation.

INGREDIENTS: The rich aromas of star anise, patchouli, marshmallow root, hibiscus flowers, along with a few other secret ingredients release a sultry, intoxicating fragrance! Each herbal spell blend is handcrafted in sacred space and charged with a deep maroon garnet under full moon energies.

USES: You can use Sultry Temptress by burning as a loose incense, steeping in a romantic bath, carrying with you to attract a lover, using to dress spell candles for tantric magick, adding to a mojo or spell bag, using as casting herbs and throwing into a cauldron fire, or for my personal favorite, exciting your senses with your partner prior to romance. Your Inner Goddess is sure to be released and a little goes a long way!

RECEIVE: Sultry Temptress Herbal Spell Blend featured in a labeled 2 oz glass jar with lid, includes a descriptive how to card. 

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