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Radiant Glamour | Herbal Incense, Spell Blend | Beauty, Love

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Radiant Glamour Herbal Spell Blend, part of the Inner Goddess Collection, is a handcrafted blend to invoke your inner beauty goddess and to radiate beauty, refinement, and grace. Fill your heart with love and compassion for the unique beauty that lies within you.

INGREDIENTS: The floral aromas of Radiant Glamour are lovely to the senses and the blend of gardenia, rose, jasmine, lemon balm, camellia, beauty berry, and a few other secret ingredients are just the right dose of beauty! Each herbal spell blend is handcrafted in sacred space and charged with rose quartz crystal under full moon energies.

USES: Steep in a luxury bath or carry with you in a spell bag to radiate the exquisite goddess that you are, or for my personal favorite, dress a pink candle for some glamour magick. Burn as a loose incense, use to dress spell candles, use as altar offerings, stuff poppets or sachets, add to a mojo or spell bag, or use as casting herbs and throw into a cauldron fire. 

RECEIVE: Radiant Glamour Herbal Spell Blend featured in a labeled 2 oz glass jar with lid, includes a descriptive how to card. 

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