Lotus Incense Burner, Altar Bowl, Burn Incense
Lotus Incense Burner, Altar Decor, Offering Bowl
Lotus Incense Burner, The Witch's Guide

Lotus Incense Burner | Offering Bowl, Altar Decor

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Create a beautiful centerpiece on your altar, filling the air with the aromas of incense, with this inviting Lotus Incense Burner. Enjoy time in sacred space as the incense smoke travels through the openings of the lotus incense burner, helping you to connect with the element of fire and air.

As a lotus flower pushes its way through the dark mud, it seeks the light, emerging as a beautifully detailed flower. The lotus flower is a symbol of new beginnings, enlightenment, and purity. It teaches you to keep going, even through the struggles and obstacles in life, offering hope and strength, as you reach spiritual enlightenment.

USES:  Burn cone incense, rope, or granular incense, use as an offering bowl, hold small crystals or jewelry, or fill with fragrant flowers and herbs.

RECEIVE: Lotus Incense Burner, with an antique bronze finish, measuring 2.5 inches.

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