Feather Incense Burner, Altar Tools
Feather Incense Burner, Altar Tools

Feather Incense Burner | Decor Plate, Offering Dish

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Feather Incense Burner, Decor Plate in a stunning black and gold fleck finish, and is perfect for burning stick incense or to hold your crystals, jewelry, herbs and other magickal treasures. 

Feathers have been known for their universal symbolism of ascension, flight, truth, speed, lightness, divinity, enlightenment, and progress. This Feather Incense Burner will make a lovely addition to your ritual tools!

USES: Use your Feather Incense Burner to burn stick incense during ritual or spells, use as an offering plate, display crystals, hold loose change for a mini money altar, or fill with potpourri and loose herbal spell blends to add magick to your home.

Whether you are burning incense or using this decor plate to hold magickal items, allow the feather to carry your intentions freely, with good vibes!

RECEIVE: Feather Incense Burner, measuring 12 inches by 3 inches. Incense burner hole located at the base of the feather incense burner.

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