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CALENDULA FLOWERS | Optimism, Success, Favor
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CALENDULA FLOWERS | Optimism, Success, Favor

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Named after the ancient Romans, Calendula Flowers are used in magick to strengthen the heart and to release vibrations of joy. These bright flowers offer a "sunny side up" perspective to life and help to lift the spirit!

USES: Calendula flowers in a ritual bath to attract praise and admiration from others. You can also carry calendula flowers in a spell bag to attract success for job interviews, court cases, and love matters.  

Calendula flowers are excellent for many kinds of external skin ailments such as rashes, sunburns, insect bites, and minor infections. The sunny flowers promote wound healing, skin rejuvenation, and have an overall soothing effect for the skin, making this a must have herb for the witches cabinet. 

CHOOSE: Calendula Flowers, featured in a bag or jar, labeled with the name of the herb and uses.  

~ Bags measure 3 inch by 3 inch.

~ Jars measure 3 ounces.

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