Green witch, herbalist, and intuitive guide

I'm the spirit and creator behind The Witch's Guide, formerly known as The Witchy Mommy, a sacred space dedicated to helping you craft a magickal life. My passion is sharing how to awaken your inner witch and how to create meaningful change in this busy, modern world. 

Over the past 20 years, I've developed a sacred connection with the practice of witchcraft and this bond has fueled a life I'm proud of.  I'm here to serve and to help you align with the energies of this beautiful universe, in a way that flows harmoniously with your everyday life. My purpose is to share ways you can awaken those natural gifts that live within you and to experience the magick for yourself. Only through aligning with your intuitive nature, can you truly live a life of magick.

I believe in the practice of everyday magick, in the power of plant spirits, and connecting with the energies of the earth. These foundational beliefs  have shaped my reality and have helped me to live a more meaningful life. I'm proud to call myself a witch.

Whether you are just starting your spiritual journey, shifting directions, or looking for inspiration, I'm here to help you find your magick.

I truly believe life has more meaning when we take those simple everyday moments and blend magick into our experiences.

Many Blessings,

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