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Green Witch Living Online Course
A Beginner's Guide to Energy Online Course, The Witchy Mommy™
Developing Clairsentience Online Course | The Witchy Mommy™

student testimonials

Megan L.

"I am new to the practice and can take small steps to building up my abilities with this course by working in some of the suggested methods into my everyday life. This course has given me a new subject to explore and that helps my spiritual practice to grow."

Ruth F.

Whether you are totally new to the craft, or someone with more experience, I promise you will find some nuggets of wisdom within the pages of this course. There were things I read in there that set lightbulbs flashing above my head so much I swear they could see the light in the next county. I hope there will be many more courses like this in the future. If there are, sign me up to them all!

Jaime D.

I loved this course! This is a subject I have particular interest in so it was extra fun for me. I am hoping to have more time to go back to it and really devote more energy toward practicing and developing this part of my practice.