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Our natural world is full of raw earth magick...

Waiting to be awakened.

Green Witch Living is a guided 52 week course, where you will discover how to connect with intuitive earth magick. This raw, spiritual journey is designed for you to explore the magick within the plant world and to discover your own path for understanding, healing, and transformation.

Magick is created when we align our energy with the natural world around us.... 


  • Intuitive Earth Magick
  • Foundations of Witchcraft
  • Herbalism
  • Spellcraft
  • Earth Spirits
  • Nature Cycles
  • Manifestation 
  • Herbal Alchemy
  • Plant Medicine
  • Plant Allies
  • Wildharvesting
  • Lunar Cycles
  • Elemental Connection
  • Sacred Ritual


Any individual interested in living the life of a green witch. If you are interested in practicing the art of green witchery and exploring the craft through practical application, you will find this course to be extremely insightful and valuable. In this course, you will learn how to use green witchery for spell crafting, healing, manifestation, everyday magick, and spiritual connection to our natural world.

what students are saying

Clarissa Stocking, student

"Feather's teaching ability when it comes to witchcraft is unsurpassed; she is a gifted content creator who makes lessons that are informative, practical, and make learning fun. I feel like I'm really in witch school! Feather brings credibility to the practice of witchcraft and shows it to be a dignified and respectable spiritual path that is rich in wisdom."

Flora Green, student

"It gave me the confidence to practice! I’ve been a witch for many years, and always loved gardening, but didn’t know how or where to start with green witchcraft. There’s so many books and so much information, I’d get overwhelmed trying to learn it all and just never practice! This course gave me something simple and practical to practice each week and the experience has been absolutely amazing. I finally feel confident as a green witch, and although there’s always something to learn, I’m comfortable enough now to keep from getting overwhelmed by new information."

GWL student

"It teaches you a wealth of knowledge about connecting with plants and nature in a way I haven't found in books or other sources. You will gain confidence and abilities in working with plant magick. And you will love the videos! Feather is intelligent, warm, funny, and the kind of witch you wish was there to teach you when you first got on the path."