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LICORICE ROOT | Attraction, Domination, Binding

Fresh herbs

Fresh herbs I love coming from your garden smells great. I am using her for strength.🥰🥰

LICORICE ROOT | Attraction, Domination, Binding

AUTUMN FIRE | Pentacle Cauldron Candle
Joey Lovell (Lewiston, US)
Perfect for me

When i recieved my cauldron candle, it was at a perfect time. I opened it and fell in luv with this candle immediately. It is beautiful, thank you to the creator for this


You can see the care the goes into every product. Been using the Arnica in candle work and with ingredients for tea.

ROSE OF JERICHO | Resurrection, Beginnings
Melanie Lopez (Salt Lake City, US)
ROSE OF JERICHO | Resurrection Plant

This was everything I had hoped it would be. It was so much fun to watch this little plant open up. Everything about this order has been wonderful. Thank you very much. I will order from you again.

Rose of Jericho

All products were amazing 🥰
I was so happy & felt so special in the way your products were packaged 😘😘😘

Tree to be Planted
Stephanie Elder (Union, US)

I love my pendulum, have a very strong connection to it. And it’s Beautiful!!

EVIL EYE Amulet | Shielding, Protection
Valerie stevens (The Bronx, US)
Works for me

Love the way it looks and fit in palm of your hand.

Shiva lingam

Beautiful nice markings on it bigger than what I thought

Satisfied Customer

The Harvest spray I purchased has a nice aroma. It’s a little strong so a little spritz goes a long way.

Love them. So happy thank you


I am quite impressed with the burdock I received. It is fresh, fragrant and energetic. The bottling is awesome and I appreciated the oil samples! Thank you

Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum | Compassion, Love
Dominic Fischer (Oak Ridge, US)
Beautiful and useful.

While I am new to using pendulums in my practice, this one seems sturdier that my previous rose quartz pendulum.
The feather design on the chain is a beautiful addition.

Velvet Owl Pouch | Spell Bag, Crystal Storage
Valerie stevens (The Bronx, US)
Cute pouch

Love it


I can feel the energy radiating off of this crystal. I love holding it while meditating and it’s so beautiful.


Perfect size ive been looking for! Great site!

Excellent product! Will re-order

Package was received in good condition, and the mugwort delivered in its ability to create more lucid dreams, and a relaxed state for sleep and meditation. I need to order more! Thank you for your quality product.

Phenomenal product

This stuff is boss! Used it on a cut and was healed in a day. Also wonderful for burns and for cuticles.

I appreciated the quick service, excellent packaging for the wands, and how I was kept informed about the timeframe. The wands are as described. Nice store, nice product, excellent customer service! Thank you!

Gorgeous rich colors

Just a beautiful stone! Thank you.

Amethyst Pendulum

I love my new pendulum…. It’s perfect

Love it!

Great products and prices, I look forward to ordering from The Witch’s Guide again!


I have several oils, and this is definitely a favorite. It smells so unique and balanced!

DESERT ROSE Crystal, Selenite | Clarity, Truth
Jennifer Luchetti (West Lafayette, US)
Desert Rose

It is really amazing the energy you feel off it. I love it