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A Beginner's Guide to Energy Online Course

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What is Energy?

Energy is power, the life force that flows within and around us.

Learn how to use the power of energy to create meaningful change in your life and in the lives of others. Discover how to tap into your personal energy system and the energies around you to fuel your spells, rituals, and to ultimately manifest your goals.

Discover in this online course:

  • How to feel energy
  • How to raise energy
  • How to manipulate energy
  • How to direct energy
  • The 7 chakras of the body
  • Using energy from nature
  • Visualization techniques

Who is this course for?

Any individual interested in grasping a solid foundation of energy work. If you are interested in practicing the art of magick and exploring the craft, you will find this course to be extremely valuable. In this course you will learn how to implement the basic building blocks of spell crafting, healing, and manifestation.