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Black Cauldron | for Incense, Resins, Herbs

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Black Cauldronhave long been used as magickal tools and this black cauldron is a beautiful addition to any witch's altar. 

Black cauldrons were historically used as the centerpiece for the hearth, providing warmth and hearty meals. They also served as magickal tools in witchcraft! The round base of a cauldron is associated with the Goddess energy and can be viewed as a symbol for birth, death, and rebirth. Like most vessels, cauldrons are also associated with the water element.

USES: Cauldrons can be used in fire spells to safely burn magickal ingredients such as loose incense on charcoal discs, or to hold burning spell candles. Alternatively, cauldrons can be used as a vessel to hold water for scrying or even as an offering bowl!

RECEIVE: Black Cast Iron Cauldron, featuring a metal swing handle for carrying. It contains a lid and 3 solid legs at the base for support. Each black cauldron measures 2.75 inches tall by 3 inches, making this an easy to carry black cauldron!

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