Blue Anil Balls, Bluing Balls, Mexican Blue Balls, for purification and protection

Blue Anil Balls | for Evil Eye Protection, Purification

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Blue Anil Balls, also known as Blueing Balls, are used in spiritual practices for protection, purification, and warding against the evil eye. 

USES: Place your blue ball in a vessel of water with your favorite purification herbs like hyssop or rosemary, to create your own blueing water. You can also add to floor washes, purification sprays, and ritual baths.

Use your blue water to wash the entrance of your doors and windows to remove unwanted energies and to protect your home. Blue anil balls can also be used in mojo bags for good luck and prosperity magick. 

Pair your Blue Anil Balls with my Purity Spell Candles to craft super potent purification blue water!

***Do not spray on cloth or light colored furniture, as the blue may stain.

---> These Blue Anil Balls DO NOT contain Copper Sulfate.

RECEIVE: Blue Anil Balls, Set of 3.

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