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Candle Light Altar Service | Healing, Health

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A candle light altar service, personalized for healing and health.

In this unique offering, I combine sacred plant medicine with the energy of candle light, on your behalf. Each candle is dressed, charged and blessed with a variety of herbs, botanicals, roots, and oils.

*** All candles and herbal blends are created for the individual and personal situation.


During your candle light altar service, spirit is invited into sacred space, and your candle is prepared and prayed over for healing. Once your candle burns completely down, the work is complete.


  • Healing of physical ailments and trauma
  • Healing of emotional and spiritual wounds
  • Healing of a loved one
  • Healing of a pet
  • Healing of overall health

RECEIVE: You will receive a picture and description of your candle light altar service.

Please include the following in the notes section of your order: 

  1. Details of your situation
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Date of Birth 
  4. Picture, if possible ~ email to

MY TRADITIONS: I work with various plant allies, deities and spirits when performing workings. All of my workings are performed by me, with the utmost care and attention to detail.  

Thank you for visiting my shop! I am honored you have chosen to work with me.



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