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CATNIP | Love, Beauty, Dream Work

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Catnip is an aromatic herb that captures the mysteries of the feline, radiating a euphoric energy. It's often used in magick for attracting love, beauty, and a playful spirit.

USES: Catnip in a ritual bath or as an herbal oil to tap into feline energy and to bring forth your inner beauty.

As an herbal medicine, catnip is used in tea form to aid as a mild sleep remedy and to smooth digestion. Catnip is a great addition to dream pillows, helping to access the astral planes. 

***For your cat familiar, add catnip to a stuffed toy and delight in watching your feline friend play! 

CHOOSE: Catnip, featured in a bag or jar, labeled with the name of the herb and uses.  

~ Bags measure 3 inch by 3 inch.

~ Jars measure 3 ounces.

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