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ROSE Of JERICHO Herbal Alchemy Oil | New Beginnings, Blessings

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Rose of Jericho Herbal Alchemy Oil has been crafted from the Resurrection plant to encourage the flow of new beginnings and blessings.

Herbal Alchemy Oils can be used in candle magick to resurrect a love, to grow prosperity and abundance, to attract blessings, to feed mojo bags, or to anoint your body or tools during ritual.

Watching a Rose of Jericho flower come to life, expanding and turning green with a splash of water, is a beautiful experience! These flowers appear like tumbleweeds and with water, open up, resurrecting themselves into a luscious green flower. By working with this oil in your practice you can resurrect and manifest your desires.

~ Anoint yourself or sacred tools for meditation or ritual
~ Dress candles for spell workings
~ Diffuse or burn
~ Wear as a perfume


Rose of Jericho Oil is handcrafted under a new moon with a secret essential oils, pleasant scent, and natural Rose of Jericho flower. All of my Spirit Oils are hand blended with natural ingredients straight from mother earth and are safe for the skin.  

Rose of Jericho Herbal Alchemy Oil - each bottle contains a part of the Rose of Jericho flower, in addition to a few secret ingredients, featured in a 0.5 ounce glass bottle with cap, label, adorned with a silver feather, and red cording.

*** Always test a small area of your skin prior to using any oil.***

FeatherGardenBelle aka The Witchy Mommy


For more information about the Rose of Jericho, watch my YouTube video.