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Developing Clairsentience Online Course

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What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is the gift of "Clear Feeling" and is one of the most common psychic abilities each of us possess.

Learn how to develop your clairsentient ability and how to use this valuable skill in your everyday life. Discover how to "read" people, situations, environments, and objects from the past, present, and future.

While most of our psychic abilities are closed off during childhood, these abilities are not lost. Our astral senses lie deep within each of us and it's just a matter of bringing them to the surface.

Learn to tap into your natural psychic ability and to experience the magick that lies within you!

Discover in this online course:

  • How the psychic ability of clairsentience is expressed in our everyday lives.
  • The benefits of having a clairsentient ability.
  • Techniques for developing clairsentience.
  • Exercises and tips for refining and implementing clairsentience in your spiritual practice.

Who is this course for?

Any individual interested in exploring and developing their psychic intuition. If you are on a spiritual journey of any kind or are just curious about reading energies, you will find this course to be of value.