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Dragon Tingsha Bells | Sound Healing for Meditation

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Dragon Tingsha Bells are Tibetan Tingsha Bells traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners for sound healing and meditation.

MAGICKAL PROPERTIES: Bring the blessings of tradition into your home or studio, and feel the ancients accompany you on your path of awakening. Tingsha Bells embody a very cleansing energy and are used for opening the upper chakras. The dragon symbolizes regeneration and divine wisdom, which can be amplified into the healing sounds when the Tingsha Bells are used.

USES:  After you have positioned yourself for meditation, hold the Dragon Tingsha Bells by the leather piece, allowing the two Tingsha Bells to dangle side by side. Gently swing the bells so that they tap together, emitting a beautiful tone of healing vibrations.

Burn some BALANCE Herbal Alchemy Spell Candles to create an even more centered meditation!

RECEIVE: Our Tingsha Cymbals are made of metal alloys that produce the high-pitched harmonic tone one expects when utilizing this sacred tool. These pair of dragon cymbals are joined together by a sturdy leather cord. The Tingsha Bells measure 2 inches in diameter and are made from antique brass.

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