LAVENDER FLOWERS | Love, Peace, Sleep
LAVENDER FLOWERS | Love, Peace, Sleep
LAVENDER FLOWERS | Love, Peace, Sleep
LAVENDER FLOWERS | Love, Peace, Sleep

LAVENDER FLOWERS | Love, Peace, Sleep

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Lavender Flowers scent produces a peaceful and soothing effect on the body, mind, and soul, and promotes passionate romance and harmonious friendships. Connected with the third eye chakra, Lavender helps to calm oneself and to become in tune with the subconscious. Ideal for seers and prophets because is it associated with psychic intuition. Lavender Flowers are often used for crafting sleep pillows, aromatherapy baths, love and purification sachets, and healing flower blends. Burned, it promotes peace and calm and the ashes can be sprinkled around the home to cleanse negative energy.

USES: Herbal preparations, burn in a loose incense blend, add to floor washes, ritual baths, use to dress spell candles, stuff poppets, or as a casting herb.

Medicinally, Lavender is a remedy for motion sickness and nausea. Since it is antimicrobial and a decongestant, it can be used for symptoms associated with cold and flu. It is a cooling herb and drunk as tea can lower body temperature. Externally, it is healing for skin problems and scarring. It can be used to disinfect burns and cuts and soothe bug bites.

CHOOSE: Lavender Flowers, featured in a bag or jar, labeled with the name of the herb and uses.  

~ Bags measure 3 inch by 3 inch.

~ Jars measure 3 ounces.

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