Soapstone Pentacle Oil Burner, Aromatherapy Oil, Ritual Oil, The Witch's Guide
Soapstone Pentacle Oil Burner, Aromatherapy Oil, Ritual Oil, The Witch's Guide

Soapstone Pentacle Oil Burner | for Tealight Candles

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Made from natural soapstone, this Pentacle Oil Burner is a versatile way to burn tealight candles, while also diffusing aromatic oils or wax melts into the room to create a magickal atmosphere. Adorn your home or altar with tools of the craft and give your sacred space a natural look and feel. 

The pentacle is an ancient symbol of the craft, where each element of earth, air, fire, and water are represented through the points of the star and the surrounding circle is the energy of Spirit.

USES: Pour your ritual oil or aromatherapy oil in the top of the bowl and place a tealight candle in the bottom. As the tealight candle burns, the heat will warm the bowl, diffusing the scent from the oil into the room. You may also place wax melts or tarts in the top of the bowl to diffuse magickal energies into your sacred space.

Paired with my High John the Conqueror Root Oil and Victory Herbal Spell Candles, the Pentacle Oil Burner can be a vessel for amplifying successful and victorious energy when needed. 

RECEIVE: Measuring 3.5 inches by 3 inches, this Soaptstone Pentacle Oil Burner features a pentacle on three sides, allowing the candle light to shine through each side across the room. The size of this Pentacle Oil Burner is great for the altar where space is limited.

The frame is solid and sturdy, featuring raised legs for additional support. The opening at the back of the burner allows for easy lighting of your candle; fits standard tealight candles. The bowl on top of the burner features a smooth, deep area for holding oil, preventing spillage.

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