BUCKEYES, Folk Charm | Good Luck, Success

BUCKEYES, Folk Charm | Good Luck, Success

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Southern Buckeyes are used in magick and witchcraft as a folk charm for good luck, success, and prosperity. A gift from the American Buckeye Tree, these hard-shelled nuts are a symbol of prosperity, business success, and fertility. When gambling, carry a buckeye in your pocket and rub prior to throwing the dice or carry a buckeye with you in your purse or change bag to attract some luck and money. Buckeyes are also used in fertility magick and are especially helpful for men to carry.  

USES: Add to mojo bags to keep away the evil eye or add to a fertility altar or spell, hang as a natural amulet, decorate your altar, leave as an offering, or dress with herbs/oils/wax for spell workings.

CHOOSE: Buckeyes, set of 3, labeled with the name of the herb and uses.  

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