Tranquility Tea for ritual, meditation, The Witch's Guide
Tranquility tea for peace, relaxation, meditation
Tranquility Ritual Herbal Tea
Tranquility herbal tea for sleep, peace

TRANQUILITY Ritual Tea Blend | Peaceful Evening Sleep

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Prepare for a relaxing night with a cup of Tranquility, a handcrafted ritual tea blend for a peaceful evening sleep. Allow your body to unwind and de-stress and ease into a natural state of relaxation with each sip of this comforting tea blend. Each package of tea makes approximately 30 cups of tea, perfect for an entire moon cycle!

Tranquility is a soothing blend with botanicals of rose and lavender for a loving, gentle reminder to take it easy. Give yourself the attention you deserve. The warm, earthy flavors of kava kava root give this tea blend a comforting vibe and help to keep you grounded while sleeping, so you are well rested upon awakening.  

EXCELLENT FOR: Insomnia, stress, relaxation, comfort, and peace.

INGREDIENTS: Kava kava root, passion flower, catnip, lavender, chamomile, rose, and lemon balm. Each herbal tea blend is handcrafted in sacred space and charged with blue kyanite crystal under lunar rays.

TO USE: Infuse 1 tsp in 8 oz and steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain herbs prior to drinking. Take a deep breath, sip slowly, and relax. Tastes delicious served hot or cold.

RECEIVE: Tranquility Ritual Tea Blend, featured in a resealable brown tea pouch.

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