Tumbled Emerald Crystal for Compassion, Healing, The Witch's Guide

EMERALD Crystal, Tumbled | Compassion, Healing

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Emerald crystals resonate strongly with the vibrations of mother earth, teaching compassion and offering healing energies. Aligning with the heart chakra, Emerald crystals are helpful companions to use for relieving stress, increasing fertility, and helping you to appreciate the abundance in your life.

Use Emerald Crystals during gratitude rituals and attract more of what you want towards you.  

USES: Crystals can be carried as pocket stones, used to decorate the altar for rituals, used to create crystal grids, or placed in spell bags. These are just a few ways to use crystals in your spiritual practice.

CHOOSE: (1) Tumbled Emerald Crystal OR a Set of (4) Tumbled Emerald Crystals.

FEATURES: Your crystal will arrive to you beautifully packaged in a organza bag and will feature a crystal guide card, listing the metaphysical properties and magickal uses.

SIZE: Measuring approximately 1 inch. 

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