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JASPER Crystal, Tumbled | Anti-Worry, Anti-Fear | The Witch's Guide

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When you're overcome with worry, Jasper is a go-to crystal to have in your collection. Since ancient times, Jasper crystals have been used for protection, healing, and stability. This is largely due to their strong connection and alignment with earth energies. Jasper helps you to feel more grounded and offers a solid foundation of support in times of worry.

Use Jasper crystals to overcome fear and to connect with the healing energies of the earth. A great choice for manifestation work, Jasper is helpful to ground and balance excess energy. Meditating with various colors of Jasper crystals on the appropriate chakras aligns the body in a way similar to reiki. 

USES: Carry as a pocket stone, arrange in a crystal grid, lay on the body for healing, hold during meditation, add to spell bags, place in potted plants, decorate the altar, wear as jewelry, and many more. 

CHOOSE: (1) Tumbled Jasper Crystal OR a Set of (4) Tumbled Jasper Crystals.

FEATURES: Each stone is beautifully packaged in an organza bag, featuring a crystal guide card, listing the properties and uses.

SIZE: Measures approximately 1 inch to 2 inches.

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