RED MALACHITE Crystal, Tumbled | Inner Peace, Protection

RED MALACHITE Crystal, Tumbled | Inner Peace, Protection

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Red Banded Jasper, also known as Red Malachite, helps to create a sense of inner peace, encouraging one to release tension and stress. This crystal is great for transitioning change smoothly, while providing that extra layer of protection.

Use Red Banded Jasper to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies and stay grounded and connected to the earth. The frequency of Red Banded Jasper is slow and steady so it provides willpower and endurance. If you are feeling apathetic about life, use this crystal to rejuvenate passion and remember to live in the moment. It emits feelings of courage and tranquility and helps you transform ideas into action.

Red Banded Jasper is excellent for restoring balance, able to balance the yin and yang elements and align the chakras. It also balances the physical body and the spirit and for this reason is commonly used for shamanic journeys.

USES: Carry as a pocket stone, arrange in a crystal grid, lay on the body for healing, hold during meditation, add to spell bags, place in potted plants, decorate the altar, wear as jewelry, and many more.

CHOOSE: (1) Tumbled Red Malachite Crystal OR a Set of (4) Tumbled Red Malachite Crystals.

FEATURES: Each stone is beautifully packaged in an organza bag, featuring a crystal guide card, listing the properties and uses.

SIZE: Measures approximately 1 inch.

* Photo props not included.

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