White Sage and Mugwort Smudge Stick
White Sage and Mugwort Smudge Bundle

White Sage, Mugwort, Selenite Smudge Bundle

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Travel through the astrals, open your third eye chakra, and explore into the depths of the spirit realm with this white sage, mugwort, and selenite smudge bundle.

USES: Burn to fly, to dream, and to induce visions. Use to smudge your sacred space prior to ritual, meditation, or spell workings to help open the pathways of communication with your higher self and with spirits around you. 

Mugwort is great for expanding your awareness and awakening your senses to subtle energies.

Selenite helps to open communication with your spirit guides and ancestors and is a self-cleansing crystal! (just don't place in water, as it will dissolve).

White Sage helps to clear out any negative vibes in and around you.

RECEIVE: Each smudge bundle, measuring 3+ inches, features White Sage, Mugwort (grown from my garden), and a Selenite Wand. The selenite bundle is wrapped separately for easy removal, prior to burning. 

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