Witches Black Salt, The Witch's Guide

WITCHES BLACK SALT | Cleansing, Protection

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Witches Black Salt is a handcrafted blend of purifying sea salt and protective herbs to help you protect, cleanse, and banish against unwanted energies. Working with black salt is like wiping the slate clean, from all the negative energy that has attached itself to you.

INGREDIENTS: Witches Black Salt is crafted with secret ingredients to maintain the integrity of the blend. 

USES: Use to cast a circle, add to ritual baths or floor washes, use to dress spell candles, stuff poppets or sachets, or add to a mojo or spell bag.

RECEIVE: Witches Black Salt, hand-blended and charged under lunar rays . Featured in a 2 oz diamond glass bottle with cork, adorned with a silver feather, and rattan cording. Each bottle is labeled with properties and uses.

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