Protection Spell Kit, The Witch's Guide
Pentacle Engraved Wooden Box
Pentacle Engraved Wooden Box

Pentacle Engraved Wooden Box | Spell Kit for Protection

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Featuring an engraved Pentacle, this earthy Wooden Spell Box is packed with ritual tools for banishing unwanted energies and for keeping you and your sacred space protected. 

Pentacles are the universal symbol for protection in witchcraft. The five points represent the five elements of nature: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit.

USES: Store ritual tools such as small sized tarot cards, crystals, smudge bundles, and herbs. You can also use it to store your portable altar items!

Each Pentacle Box comes with a spell kit to cast a banishment and protection spell. This spell can be used to banish all kinds of negativity from your life, whether that be a person, an attitude, a habit, or a lingering spirit. 

RECEIVE: Each Wooden Pentacle Box is made from natural mango wood, features the pentacle surrounded by Celtic knots, and measures 4 inches by 6 inches.

Ritual tools include the following for your spell workings: banishing powder, a fresh sprig of dried white sage, a black tourmaline crystal, a monkey ear pod, and a black candle. Instructions with a sample spell are included.

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